Visiting Artist, Jill Littlewood

Jill will be a visiting artists on Nov 22nd

My teacher at the University of Chicago, Virgil Burnett, introduced me to the world of artists when I was in my 20’s. I confessed to him my family thought I was a crazy pack-rat and he said, “You’re not crazy, you’re an artist.”  He showed me the stages of making a piece: his daily practice of drawing, the materials he used, the way sketching in a museum would turn into illustrations in a book.

After graduating from The School of the Art of Institute of Chicago, I took jobs that would teach me new skills: I was a student calligrapher at the Los Angeles County Graphics Department and a scientific illustrator for the L.A. Museum of Natural History. I studied letterpress printing at the Woman’s Building and Chinese calligraphy with a recent refugee from Mao’s regime. I illustrated my husband’s novels and began book binding.  Somewhere in the ’70’s I made my first sheet of paper; a decade later, when I met papermakers at a meeting of The Friends of Dard Hunter, I felt drawn to their world.  Paper can be so many things: books, sculptures, stage sets, lighting, paintings, costumes, a ground for prints.  I have made paper for all these things.

To learn more about Jill Littlewood’s art visit

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