Eduardo Zavala

Lalo was born and raised in Santa Barbara, where he spent his childhood watching cartoons. His earliest artistic influence was his older sister – seeing her drawing cartoons made him want to create his own art. Later, seeing characters on the streets around the city caught his attention and drove him to learn more. Though he didn’t talk to or work with other artists much when he was younger, joining Youth Interactive allowed him to improve by collaborating with other young artists. He has recently moved back to Santa Barbara after spending a year studying animation at the Los Angeles Art Institute. There, he met influential teachers and learned to be more observant, to see things in a different way. Now he wants to continue meeting other artists from the rest of California, the United States, and the world and expand his work through collaboration. His style is marked by strong expressions, a happy medium between cartoony and retailed realism. When he looks at something he can hear it talking, and picture it alive.

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