Toby Trauntvein

IMG_1628Toby was born and raised in Santa Barbara. With many family members with a background in art, he has been interested in making art for as long as he can remember. He is a graduate of the Visual Arts and Design Academy at Santa Barbara High School. He likes employing bright colors in his art, with high contrasts and well-defined images. He focuses on well-known and liked images, inviting many kinds of viewers to enjoy his work. Toby appreciates Youth Interactive for the push it gives him to make art, for welcoming all kinds of artists, and for bringing together great people he might not otherwise meet.


2014 “Cartoons that have impacted your life” Youth Interactive, Santa Barbara
2014 “i Madonnari” Santa Barbara Mission, Santa Barbara, CA
2014 “AMASS Gallery” Helena Street, Santa Barbara, CA

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