Monsters, Angels and Heroes


Show is up & on display at, Underground Hair Artists, in Santa Barbara for the month of December.

Underground Hair Artists
Carrillo Plaza Shopping Center, 1021 Chapala St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

The show features large format black and white prints from the Mason street AMASS project. It also includes an original mixed media work of art by local artist David Diamant.


Artists (Photos above. Credits from left to right)
1. Photographer Sharon Byrne, Artist Adelie Marquez
2. Photographer Scarlette McDonald, Artist –Vanae Rivera
3. Photographer Nathalie Gensac, Artist Danny Meza
4. Photographer Nathalie Gensac, Artist Libby Mitchell
5. Photographer Nathalie Gensac, Artist Jonathon Hernandez
6. Photographer Nathalie Gensac, Artist Aldo


“Walk softly and . . .” by David Diamant, 48”w x 12”t x 3.5”d, acrylic on floated plexiglass over stained wood, $950.00

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