Mitra Cline


What makes great art? I answer that question by telling stories of how art has impacted my life. I share art with the intention of adding to the creative energy rippling out of our galaxy. I wish that our collective creative energy dissolve behavior like pollution and war while solidifying opportunities for the emerging new generations. Awareness of art’s connection to human behavior is critical for achieving these epic goals. – Mitra

About Mitra

Mitra Cline was born in Santa Barbara, CA. She holds a MA from Pacifica Graduate Institute and a BFA in painting from the Kansas City Art Institute. Her art has shown locally at Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara, University of California Santa Barbara Student Gallery, Santa Barbara City College Student Gallery, and WAV Theatre Gallery.

Mitra’s design career achievements include developing the YI Creative Studio, Marketing Director at WAV, Creative Director at Lenco Mobile, Visual Designer at  – won best online community at SXSW in 2010, and Art Director at Ampersand Community Newspapers.

For more information visit ForeverBird Studio or contact Mitra by phone (805) 455-6004 or email

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