David J Diamant

amass-david-pricco-djd-muralDavid J Diamant works with pen & ink, photography, digital imaging, acrylic and spray paint on floated plexiglass, wooden panels and canvas (mostly recycled materials, including wine corks on the back for stabilization).

For the past 2 years, Diamant has been creating images on, behind and through floated plexiglass to produce what he calls “shadow art.” Using acrylic, spray paint or ink, the variety of subject matter changes with each series (“CityEscapes,” “El Matador,” “Ski Altar,” “Surf Altar,” “Space Communication”).

“Squares Fit” (18 pieces) is his current plexiglass shadow art series that is more conceptual and abstract and explores the different perceptions of connectivity, through the lens of “trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.” This series will be on display in April at Bella Rosa Galleries at 1103 State St. as part of First Thursdays Downtown Santa Barbara Art Walk.

Diamant grew up in Santa Barbara, CA and attended University of Colorado at Boulder for undergraduate and University of New Mexico for graduate school with a concentration in Organizational Communication.

In the past several years Diamant has completed murals, curated and participated in many public, solo & group art exhibitions, including fundraisers that benefit the arts, in Santa Ynez, Solvang, Santa Barbara, Carpinteria, Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA.

Some of the local organizations he has been involved with are: SB Creative Arts Workshop, SB Arts Collaborative, SB Museum of Art, MCA of SB, SB Arts Fund, SBHS’s VADA, the Funk Zone, GONE Gallery,Youth Interactive, Pianos On State, Art in the Mayor’s Office, and First Thursday Downtown Art Walk.

Diamant would like to give credit to those individuals that have supplied him with materials, inspiration, kindness, opportunity and compassion. Without those people and the buyers of art, he could not do what he does. “And yes, it’s scary AND awesome.”


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