Team Announcements

  • Holiday prints due Friday 13th
  • 1st art show on November 10th
  • SB Scholarship foundation due Tuesday November 14th
  • Everyone is responsible for sending their artist bios in at ( If you had already turned yours in please resend the email or link to this new one, Thanks)

Team rotations will be happening soon! Groups will have teams of two or three divided within them and they will switch duties every other week.

Book Keeping Group

T1: Sam At. & Al W.

T2: Star M. & Carlos D.

T3: Kris B. & Mae H.

Curation Group

T1. Julia C, Arius Z., & Jena C.

T2: Katie B., Sam Av., Megan T.

T3: Diego S., Max S., & Louisa E.

Archive Group

T1: Charlie B. & Gwen S.

T2: Morgan C. & Kieran M.

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