Gwen Samora

More than anything, I want my existence to mean something. At 15, I have accomplished very little. The few marks I have on the world are and will be my art. I write, I sing, I sketch, I love. My only inspiration is my adoration for the universe. Not much about me is special, but …

Diego Salcedo

Diego is 17 and attending the VADA academy at Santa Barbara High School. He likes to use acrylic paint on canvas. Much of his are is inspired by skateboard culture and graffiti art. Art is a way for him to express his emotions. Diego aspire to continue showing his art in galleries. 

Morgan Crenshaw

  Morgan is an impassioned artist that is inspired by powerful and influential females in his life. He enjoys making art because it’s the way he expels how he feels on the subject of his pieces. He mainly uses watercolor, ink, marker, and pencil when creating his art.

Kieran Meaney

Kieran Meaney is an aspiring artist who is in the VADA program at Santa Barbara High School. She is frequently lost in her own worlds, and uses visual art to bring her imagination to life. Kieran is inspired by nature and fantasy, and her goal is to tell stories through her art. She is hoping …

Julia Campos

Julia is a 17 year old artist from Santa Barbara. She is in the Visual Arts and Design Academy at Santa Barbara High School. Julia works mostly in acrylic and pen and creates art with realism and abstract concepts. She is inspired by memories, dreams, and the artists Salvador Dali and Frida Kahlo.

Megan Tighe

Megan’s art is inspired by her surroundings. If you look closely into her pieces you will see different aspects of her life from the setting of her stories to the people close to her. She is influenced by the people she loves as well as the world that surrounds her.

Maxwell Sagermann

Maxwell’s art style is heavily inspired from nature and the way we perceive human faces, and he takes inspiration from artists that practice surrealism such as Dali aswell. His favorite medium to work from is oil/acrylic paint and colored pencils. He is currently enrolled as a 10th grader in the VADA art academy. In the …

Sammi Atherton

Sammi's artwork is influenced by chicanx culture. Her artwork is often done in arcylics, pen and ink, and water color. Frida Kahlo is one of her biggest influences along with Diego Rivera, Siqueiros and Posada. Her parents being actively involved in art since she was little naturally drew her in to the beauty of art …

Al Williams

Al is a junior at Santa Barbara High School. He is inspired by his friends and the memories he has with them. His goals are to improve his fundamental art skills as well as develop his style. His favorite mediums are watercolor and ink.

Mae Hancock

Mae works with a wide spread of mediums including acrylic, watercolors, and ink. She likes to use both traditional and non-traditional canvases such as wood blocks, and handmade canvases as well as shoes, hats, and shirts. She strives to create cool art that entices and draws attention from all types of viewers.