The Cycle of GOOD

YI Creative Studio is not a financial, but a social profit community project where all proceeds go back to doing good in our community.

The cycle of goodAt the heart of The YI Creative Studio is the belief that skills equal power and opportunity.
For every purchase you make 100% goes back to creating positive social change.

70% of the proceeds is paid to each artist, helping them through school, life and enabling them to make a living from their art.

30% of the proceeds provides some commercial sustainability and helps Media4Good run the YI Creative Studio as a free educational space for young artists and their mentors. This provides:

An artistic heaven: A safe meaningful place where young artists can learn to become creative entrepreneurs, are respected for their artistic contributions and develop mentoring relationships to support others to     grow into positive, happy members of society.

Opportunities: :An opportunity to have a voice through exhibitions,work with and learn from established artists in the community, learn commercial values of art,  creative product manufacturing, and public presentations.

Community:  The respect and responsibility of paid employment promotes self-esteem, financial sustainability and accountability. At the YI Creative Studio young people learn how to become a creative entrepreneur. They get paid for selling their art and for promoting the sales of other peoples art in the spirit of the cycle of good.

Creativity & Education: Educational experiences support and encourage academic and economic achievement for both the young artists and their mentors

Thank you for helping us bridge the opportunity divide and supporting young artists and their mentors .

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